Our Company Values

October 26, 2020 | Admin

What we stand for:

As an innovative and market-leading recruitment agency, we understand that it is the employees within an organisation, whether that is in our company or yours, that make the difference.

  • We celebrate diversity as a recruitment agency because we know inclusivity equals personal and professional growth. (Inclusivity)
  • We are an approachable small company, but you can always rely on us to deliver what we promise to the highest standard. Where possible, we over-deliver. (Professionalism)
  • We aim to show integrity to our clients and candidates with complete fairness and respect. We understand the importance of clarity and concise communication as well as respecting decisions.  (Integrity)
  • Building long-lasting relationships with our clients and candidates are the key attributes to our success. We endeavour to prioritise the needs of the individual and/or client establishing a far superior mutual understanding and allowing room for continuous improvement. (Relationships)
  • We support each other as a community, personally and professionally. We also strive to support external communities through our charity work. (Community)

Inclusivity | Professionalism | Integrity | Relationships | Community

As our business has grown over the past 20 years, our values have continued to influence and guide every aspect of our work. Below are our guiding principles:

  • Work with integrity, honesty, openness, loyalty and fairness.
  • The client and candidates needs are the priority above all else.
  • Principles before profit.
  • Confidentiality and best judgement should be second nature.
  • Quality over quantity. No comprises should be made and the client/candidate should be informed all the way.
  • Never blame another. Take responsibility and allow room for improvement.
  • Listen and learn from all clients and candidates.
  • Respect your team. Celebrate their diversity. Encourage growth.

We will always strive to grow our recruitment agency that’s ethical and sustainable. Our values will always be aimed to benefit the client and candidate.

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