Life Actuarial UK 2019 Update

March 26, 2019 | Admin

How has the Life Actuarial market been in the last few years, and how does 2019 look to be in comparison? What may have caused this to happen?

The Life Actuarial Market has been remarkably busy in recent years, with 2019 continuing this positive trend. The demand for actuarial expertise, at varying levels, in diverse types of employers across the UK, has only increased. Market developments, including acquisitions and mergers, and changes to regulations such as IFRS17, are some of the reasons for this. Additional causes are the need for businesses to continuously revise and improve their processes and skill sets as well as exploring innovative ways to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market, leading to new product innovations.


What is the current shape of the UK Life Actuarial market?

Currently, there are a range of interesting opportunities across traditional direct insurers, reinsurance and consulting firms, along with some non-traditional and exciting roles with trusted business partners across the UK market.


What was most interesting role you have worked in the last 18 months?

The roles we work on are all interesting. I think an effective recruiter has to have a natural interest in the market in which they work in order to provide a quality service to their candidates and clients. That said, one of the more interesting roles I assisted in the recruitment for was a UK based, but global M&A Pricing Principal. It was a role that required both a specialist technical skill set as well as excellent softer skills. It offered the opportunity for someone with experience in this area to take the next step in their career into a specialist role to be a market expert.


How do you see Brexit impacting the Life Actuarial market in the current months?

At this point in time, there is so much uncertainty around if and when Brexit occurs, it is difficult to say. Although some have taken some early steps to protect themselves, I think many businesses are taking a careful and calculated approach, waiting to see what takes place before committing to a plan, until they know what that plan needs to incorporate.


How should people contact you if they are looking for new opportunities in the Life Actuarial market?

In this day of technology and social/professional networking, there are numerous effective ways for people to contact me, from e-mail to texting to LinkedIn and job adverts, yet I’m still partial to the old fashioned way of a phone call!


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