Life Modelling Manager


Our client is looking to hire a Life Modelling Manager to join their team in London on a Permanent basis.

Ref: 48586

  • Location: London
  • Category: Life Actuarial
  • Type: Permanent
  • Pay Range: £50k - £70k



  • Keeps abreast of relevant industry and professional developments and contributes to thought leadership
  • Builds a personal network from which leads could be generated
  • Contributes to developing new business from own contacts and collaborative working with FSG colleagues or others in the wider firm
  • Supports the development, launch and exploitation of new initiatives and service lines to diversify the business
  • Takes part in networking events and introduces contacts to colleagues
  • Speaks at company seminars, industry and professional events
  • Acts as an ambassador for the firm where opportunities arise to raise the profile of FSG and the company in the market place
  • Demonstrates an awareness of the full range of the firm’s products, services and capabilities and contributes to cross selling
  • Participates in business development activities and contributes effectively to sales pitches and drafting proposals


  • Ensures client take-on is completed in accordance with the company’s risk management procedures
  • Takes day to day management responsibility for delivery of client assignments
  • Effectively manages client expectations regarding fees, delivery and deadlines


  • Plays an active role in the Actuarial & Risk team, managing, mentoring, coaching and advising team members as appropriate and contributing to positive morale
  • Works collaboratively across all areas within the FSG to maximise their contribution to the firm and to clients
  • Acts as a role model for more junior staff and provides constructive upward feedback to more senior colleagues
  • Develops others, providing appropriate learning and development opportunities and interventions
  • Works in line with the firm’s CLEARR values, of collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect and responsibility
  • Seeks regular feedback and identifies and acts upon learning and development needs in order to develop technical and personal skills
  • Becomes expert (eg recognised speaker or “go to” person in department) in at least one technical area
  • Completes a timely appraisal and personal development plan for self and others, as appropriate
  • Meets CPE requirements and completes return on time
  • Meets all relevant requirements of Actuarial Profession

Operations and results:

  • Prepares fee estimates and budgets for client assignments and can make and justify any required changes to these as the assignment progresses
  • Ensures assignments are delivered to budget and that any variances are escalated at an early stage
  • Ensures own time is utilised effectively, as well as time of staff on their assignments, and identifies opportunities to work more efficiently
  • Ensures fees are collected in a timely manner and debtors kept to a minimum
  • Adheres to the Firm’s risk management policies and is aware of changes in the Firm’s approach to risk management
  • Keeps senior managers, directors and partners informed of progress, promptly draws issues to their attention and implements agreed actions
  • Participates in the presentation of conclusions and recommendations to the client and discusses the implications and action points
  • Designs and undertakes high quality analytical work requiring minimal input from senior managers, directors and partners
  • Writes high quality, professionally presented reports, requiring minimal input from senior managers, directors and partners
  • Deputises effectively for senior managers and directors as necessary
  • Ensures all files are closed down on completed projects in accordance with the company’s policy
  • Projects a confident and professional image


John Koehler

Business Manager – Life Actuarial

T: +44 (0)203 867 9830

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